This section will contain mp3 clips with Billy Cobham . Many will be from live situations. Songs will be added constantly so keep checking back for updated listings !  Hope you enjoy the artist who is Billy Cobham !

Song 1 -  This is from the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2005 with Spectrum. A song written by Tom Coster on keyboards called Voyage to Nowhere.

Song 2 -  Our next piece is from the Montreux Jazz Festival 7/23/83. This was a group Billy pulled together at the Festival which was called A Gathering of Minds. The other members of the band were Allan Holdsworth, Jack Bruce, David Sancious, and Didier Lockwood. This tune was called Crazy Eights.

Song 3 -  On Nov. 4,2006 a momentous event took place at the Berlin Jazz Fest in Germany. Billy Cobham and Jerry Goodman were joined by the members of the Hessicher Rundfunk Big Band under the direction of Colin Towns to perform the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestras as arranged by Mr. Townes. Here is a medley of 3 tunes: Miles Beyond/Resolution/Dance of Maya.

Song 4 -  This is the demo version of the Jan Hammer tune Sister Andrea from 1971. It was recorded at Jeremy Steig's house with Cobham on drums, Hammer on keys, Jeremy Steig on flute, Gene Perla  on bass and Tommy Bolin on guitar.

Song 5 -  Here we have the Cobham classic Crosswind from a live audience recording in 1974. Recorded somewhere in New York, that's all I know. Featuring the Crosswinds/Shabazz era band with John Abercrombie, Randy and Michael Brecker, Barry Rogers, Alex Blake, Milcho Leviev and Lee Pastora.

Song 6 -  This recording comes from the radio broadcast of a concert at The Bottom Line in New York City on 3/19/80. It was Jack Bruce & Friends with Billy Cobham, David Sancious, and Clem Clempson. The tune is the Cream classic Born Under a Bad Sign.

Song 7 -  Next up is a trio with Cobham, pianist Oscar Peterson, and bassist Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen from Montreux 7/17/78. The tune is entitled Au Privave.

Song 8 -  In the late summer and early fall of 1973, the Mahavishnu Orchestra took a short break from their touring schedule. During that period the Santana-McLaughlin band hit the road for 13 shows. The band also featured Billy Cobham, Larry Young, Doug Rauch, and Armando Peraza. This cut is from the Chicago show. It's the Cobham composition Taurian Matador. It's over 20 minutes long and kicks so much ass, it's ridiculous ! Sound quality is a little raw, but blast it anyway !

Song 9 -  Here is another special moment in the history of drums. On 7/27/78 in Tokyo, Japan Billy Cobham joined Tony Williams on stage for a drum duet. As far as I know this is the only time the two played together on stage, though they have shared bills together. I saw one such show at the Blue Note where the Billy Cobham Trio opened for the Tony Williams Quintet. The rest of the band in this performance included Brian Auger, Ronnie Montrose and Mario Cipollina.

Song 10 -  This offering is from the group GLASS MENAGERIE featuring Dean Brown, Gil Goldstein, and Tim Landers. It was recorded live from Holland in 1981 and is entitled MSR.

Song 11 -  The next track is also a live cut from GLASS MENAGERIE. This one was broadcast in Belgium in 1982. What is rare about this tune is that it never appeared on any of the band's studio releases. Unfortunately, it's cut short by the station going to commercial as you will hear. Billy spoofs Gil Goldstein in the intro to the song.

Song 12 -   To me, SPACES REVISITED was the most overlooked of all the outfits Billy Cobham has been a part of. They put out an excellent same-titled CD, and were incredible in concert as I was fortunate to witness. This track is an audience recording from Blues Alley in Washington, DC from 1997. The band features Billy, Larry Coryell, Birelli Lagrene, and Bill Foster subbing for Richard Bona on bass. It sounds incredible and the tune is called Dragon Gate.