Here are some mp3's taken from one of our rehearsal tapes during the summer of 1977. The recording was done on a portable cassette recorder with built-in condenser mics so the sound is not studio quality. But it is what it is !

When we originally formed we were a five piece unit . Our keyboardist Henry left to attend Berklee College of Music and we never were able to find a suitable replacement. So some of the songs here, notably Vulcan Worlds have pauses and vamps where there were keyboard parts originally. Please keep that in mind as you listen, and imagine a keyboard where you don't hear one !

Dual Wind - a band original, Vulcan Worlds by Return to Forever, School Days by Stanley Clarke, Led Boots by Jeff Beck, The Wizard by Al DiMeola

Click here for some pics of our reunion jam at Stickwork Studios in the late 80's.


Here is a video of 3 original songs performed at Brooklyn College TV studio in 1978. I've posted the B&W version of the tape because the color version has deteriorated greatly and contains many more glitches than this one. This was directed by our good friend Kevin Lauth as part of his graduate school course in TV production. Please note that you can't hear the Gibson guitar of Joe Bello on these pieces due to the instructor's switching his mic at the last minute to another mic which turned out to be broken. And once we started, the production couldn't be stopped. Just our luck ! Also note the Chyron graphics machine malfunctions during the credits so only I got credit for the drums ! The song titles performed were: Dual Wind,  Zebu ,  Snow Down .   click here to load video.                               BANDS LINK   



Joe and Ted played covers together in Grey Matter .


Here's what Dave Moreno has been doing :         http://www.thirdstreetmusicschool.org/david-moreno/


Here's what Raoul Walton has been doing :         http://www.raoulwalton.com/