This was the first band for 3 of the 4 members but what we lacked in experience , we made up for with enthusiasm. I went out and bought my first drum set, used, for $150, and I still play this kit today, with some modifications. It's a Ludwig. The keyboardist, Larry Pennisi was using a Farfisa Compact Duo with a Leslie cabinet. Our guitarist Joe Bello was playing a Fender Strat thru a Fender Super Reverb amp. Mike Hynes was the bassist and I don't remember what equipment he used. I do remember our P. A.  It was a Fender Deluxe amp which pushed about 30 watts thru 1 - 10" speaker ! What power, eh ? Today that amp is a collectors item , as are we !!

       No band picture was ever taken, as there was no need. I will post these pictures taken during that era though. We made one rehearsal recording of about 9 songs but I will only torture you with one here. It's a cover version of the song All Right Now by Free . And here's the introduction of the band. The greatest thing is that we're all still friends !!!