Here are some more Cobham videos to check out. these are not in chronological order and the quality may not be as good as the first group but here they are anyway ! Enjoy !


Clip AA -  This is the last few minutes of Billy from his BBC Drum Clinic from 1980. He demonstrates single stroke rolls with his fingers, and then trades fours with the two other drummers on the show, Nic France and Chris Wyles.

Clip BB I believe this clip is the only rock video clip Boomer has ever appeared in, though of course he's done dozens of concerts and TV appearances. This was done in 1984 with the original line-up of Bobby and the Midnites. The title is I Wanna Live in America. The band footage was shot in NYC as you can see the Twin Towers in some of the shots. On a personal note, if you look at the former Towers in those shots you will notice another tall building under construction in the foreground. That was D building of the World Financial Center, owned by Merrill Lynch. I worked on the construction of that building.

Clip CC -  In October of 1996, Cobham performed in this small club in Hennesberget, Norway with his group Nordic. This tune is called Prime Time and was written by Billy. Apologies for the static audio distortion on this one. I've yet to figure out why some clips come out with it after compression and others don't. The master doesn't have it. Still, a rare glimpse of that band.

Clip DD -  This is Cobham with the original line-up of JAZZ IS DEAD recorded at the House of Blues in California, I believe. The year is 1998. What's special about this piece is Billy's drumming thruout - his duet with T. Lavitz in one part, and a 9 minute solo towards the end of the song. His playing is flawless in this piece which is about 17 minutes long, and I didn't put the entire piece up !

Clip EE -  Next up is the first 15 minutes of the PASIC percussion festival from 1990, in Philadelphia, featuring Billy Cobham and percussionist Nippy Noya. Here Billy is playing Gibraltar drums and hardware.

Clip FF -  The first of two clips I'm sharing from the 1992 Live under the Sky festival in Japan with Larry Coryell & Live From Bahia. The same musicians from the CD and Laser Disc of the same name. The first short piece is entitled Gabriela's Song.

Clip GG - This next clip is from the same show in Japan and is entitled the Crab Peddler.

Clip HH - Here is a song from Billy's 1995 tour with bandmates Stefan Rademacher, Peter Wolpl, Joe Chindamo and Gary Husband. This is the encore tune from a concert at a small club in Lucerne entitled Mozaik, from Cobham's album Warning . Here Gary Husband jumps on the drums while Billy plays timbales out front and then trades with Gary. A rare look at Cobham's percussion abilities.

Clip II - Pete York just released Volume 3 from his Super Drumming series which contains 4 more performances with Billy. Here is Cobham with his bandmates from the INCOMING period, Peter Wolpl, Wolfgang Schmid, and Nippy Noya, plus Gerd Wilden and Rick Keller playing the Cobham composition Two For Juan. This is mint !

Clip JJ -  Another from the Super Drumming 3, this is a medley of Dizzy Gillespie songs :  Manteca, Kush, and Night in Tunisia. Same band as above. Also mint ! I think Billy was using Simon Phillips' drums for these performances.