While I was serving in the US Navy, I was stationed in Elefsis , Greece for two years. With the approval and support of the commanding officers, we managed to put together a band from my own ship, the USS Wood , called THE WOODSMEN, and a band comprised of members of the 6 ships in the destroyer squadron called DESRON 12. Some guys had brought instruments with them from the States which they allowed the guys to borrow, and the squadron captains gave us some money to purchase some amps and a PA in foreign ports we visited.

    I posted some pictures of DESRON 12 at a gig on the navy pier in Elefsis, Greece in 1975 along with an article that appeared in The Oracle, which was the Armed Forces newspaper for the servicemen in Greece . Unfortunately, I have no recordings of this band. I also posted the only picture of my ship's own band, THE  WOODSMEN, that I have. I do have an original song composed by lead singer and guitarist Bob Liddell along with lead guitarist Don Korn and myself on a small bongo drum called Drugstore Cowboy which I will post.


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