The bi-monthly gigs by Tim Curtin & Friends at Paddy Doherty's Ale House in the Bronx have been getting a great response from patrons.  The

"friends" have been a revolving group of musicians who change from show to show.  Here are  videos of Tim and I from some of those gigs, along

with some of the friends who would join us . These are "one-offs", meaning they are unrehearsed and usually played for the first time as a unit.


Manic Depression - the Jimi Hendrix classic with Mark Hitt on guitar and Eddie Denise on bass 

Layla - the slow Clapton version again with Mark and Eddie

All you Need is Love - the Beatles classic, same line-up

Thick as a Brick/Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day - two Jethro Tull classics in a medley with Mark and Eddie .

Reelin in the Years - the Steely Dan classic with John Curtin from Gypsy Jazz Quintet on guitar and vocals and Jim Keneally from Alternate Universe on bass and vocals. The lights were broken so forgive the dim picture .

Can't Get Enough of Your Love - by Bad Company with Mark Hitt and Eddie Denise

Feelin' Alright - the Joe Cocker version with Jim Keneally and Johnny "Spoons" Cummings on vocals, Rita Filaretos Scherf on bass and Larry Pennisi on piano. 

Been Downhearted Baby - a blues standard with Eddie Denise on bass, Bruce Rust from Good Intentions on guitar and vocals, and Chuck Anderson from Strange Brew and Tom Bia from Thunder Road on guitars.

Locomotive Breath - another Jethro Tull classic with Mark Hitt, Eddie Denise and Lou Gimenez from Paula Atherton Band on guitar for a quick solo.

Theme for An Imaginary Western - written by Jack Bruce, this is the Mountain version of the song with Jim Keneally on bass and Gary Adamson from Back to The Garden on vocals.

One Way Out - one by the Allman Brothers with Mark Hitt, Eddie Denise and Ronnie Pauls from Sundown on guitar, Johnny Spoons on vocals.  Tim was takin a break on this one. 

Ice Cream Man - Tim decided to use the Van Halen arrangement of this old song, but changed the feel to swing . Mark Hitt and Eddie Denise on this one.

Irish Jig/ McNamara's Band - When you play a place called Paddy Doherty's Ale House ya gotta expect to get a request to play some Irish music. Mark Hitt and Eddie Denise again on this one.

Roadhouse Blues -  with Mark Hitt, Eddie Denise, and Johnny Spoons on vocals . Third Stone from the Sun tease !

White Room - the Cream classic with Tim, Mark , Eddie and I .

Crossroads - the Cream version of the Robert Johnson standard with Tim, Mark and Eddie.

Heartbreaker - an edited version of the Led Zep anthem with incredible solo by Mark . Also featuring Tim , Eddie and myself .