Here are some links to more stuff I was involved in and other cool sites to visit:


MY SOUNDMEN - the gentlemen who enabled us to sound as good as we possibly could !

NAVY BANDS - Even though I spent 4 years in the service, I still managed to be a part of two more bands .

SUBSTITUTIONS - I was called to fill-in for the regular drummers with these outfits on occasion.



JAZZ ROCK WORLD - Rick Calic's excellent site celebrating fusion. Special thanks to Rick for my logo design !!

AUDIOPHILE IMPORTS - the leading and longest-running site for fusion music in the world !

POWER,PASSION & BEAUTY - website for Walter Kolosky's book about the M.O. I helped do the research for the book and I help and contribute to the website !

JOHN CURTIN - Guitarist, Singer, Arranger, Transcriber of songbooks for Mahavishnu Orchestra, Stanley Clarke, Jean Luc Ponty, Keith Emerson, the Dead, Yes, Joni Mitchell and more , and most importantly - friend !

CARLOS COLINA & STRAIGHT UP BLUES BAND - hear what my old bandmate is up to nowadays !

TIM CURTIN - Guitarist, Vocalist, Arranger, Bandmate and also , friend !