Occasionally, my good friend Tim Curtin and I get together to jam a little at my house. Tim plays all guitars, bass and does all the vocals. I played the drums, percussion and did the engineering @ Studio T, my home studio. I use Cakewalk as my DAW program.

1. Come Dancin' - This is a cover of a Jeff Beck instrumental tune. We did this in 2007.

2. Day of The Eagle - A cover of a Robin Trower tune which was selected to be included on the upcoming Palers Project 2CD release later this year. The Palers Project releases come out every two years and include covers of Procol Harum tunes and solo albums by the members of that band. The performances on the album are recorded by musical fans of the band, and have included actual members of the band themselves. All proceeds from the sales of the CD's support the website Beyond the Pale.     www.procolharum.com  . Done in 2008.

3. Red Baron -  This is a cover of the instrumental tune written by Billy Cobham. Tim and I are joined by bassist Big Bos , who plays with Tim in New York City Swing, the premier orchestra for wedding and corporate events in New York City. Recorded at Studio T.   9/10/09

4. Spain - Our cover version of the Chick Corea tune. Also recorded at Studio T on Sept. 10, 2009.

5. What I Like About You/Rockin In the USA  - a live recording done with my little Edirol at Paddy Doherty's Ale House in the Bronx, NY. Tim has a regular bi-monthly gig there and invites musicians to join him on stage for unrehearsed numbers. This was done on Sept. 3, 2009 on a night when 17 other musicians showed up to jam. Tim is on guitar and vocals , I'm on drums and vocals, Jim Keneally is on bass and lead vocals, and Bruce Rust is on guitar and lead vocals on Rockin in the USA.

6.  Stormy Monday  -  another live recording from Paddy Doherty's Ale House. This was recorded on Jan. 14, 2010 . The tune features Eddie Denise on bass and vocals, Mark Hitt from Rat Race Choir on guitar, Tim on guitar and myself on the drums.

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